The Magical islands of Andaman!!

Monsoons are romantic, monsoons are colourful..the pallete of colours that appears on sky can put any colourful painting to shame. I am a hopeless lover of the my favorite post is a monsoon post to the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

So yes, I travelled in the off season, of late july, which has both pros and cons. The tourists were still there but much lesser than the peak season, and you are free to enjoy the island beauty in its stillness in its charming loneliness!! On the flipside, a few of the beaches were closed and there is no private ferry, although I really enjoyed the charm of the government ferry, also was way cheap on the pocket.

Port Blair, Andaman Islands

So on a five day trip..this is how our iterinary went

– Landed in port Blair around 1..spent the day there

– Day 2 to havelock Island in a government ferry

– Day 3 to Niel from Havelock and spent the day there

– Day 4 Back to havelock, entire day there

– Day 5 Morning back to Port Blair and flight from there

The highlights of the trip or the things you should definitely do, in part images and part words..

Cellular Jail

1. Cellular Jail

Its a sad tragic story with a beautiful architecture and in the rains it just becomes more magnificent!!

Architecture of cellular Jail, Port Blair

The architecture with massive lines is just imposing, it narrates a tale of perseverance and strength. Its the main thing to see in port blair. It was an afternoon spent well.

View from the top- cellular Jail

We spent the evening at Rajiv Ghandhi park, which looks beautiful in evening with monsoon clouds There is nothing much to do here just stroll around and relax.

Rajiv Gandhi Park, Port Blair

Then started the journey to Havelock, the governemnt ferry leaves at 6.30 am and second at 9.30, we missed the first one

Boats at Havelock Deck, Andaman Islands

Havelock is just beautiful, to describe it as anything else would be just not true. Radhanagar beach, vijaynagar beach and kalapathar..the white sands, crystal blue water and untouched natural beauty. Radhanagar beach has truly been described as one of the best beaches in Asia, but I loved Kalapatahr becah even more, its just pristine, yet untouched.

Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Islands

Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Islands, Andaman

It’s very easy to roam around in havelock using a two wheeler on rent. Personally I didnt find much in Neil island, you can easily roam around using a bicycle. We did snorkelling here, since the crowds are lesser. You can give it a miss, if you don’t have much time.

I hope you like reading it and was somewhat helpful, would love to hear your comments!!

Andaman Islands

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