New Zealand Travel Diary: 1: Bungee Jumping!

One of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences of my life has been the bungee jumping experience in New Zealand. New Zealand is a beautiful country, one that will always be my dream country, even after spending two weeks here.

In my first post about the amazing trip that I had, I wanted to talk about my bungee jumping experience. So this happened by accident, I had actually planned for doing sky diving but the weather was super cloudy and with all the safety measures, the sky diving was cancelled for the day. Since we had nothing else planned, we decided to do zip lining and just experience for bungee I was completely and utterly scared of.

But then, sometimes things happen as they are meant to be, and on a spur of a moment both me and my husband decided to go for it. It looked super awesome and cool and this was the famous Kawarau bridge bungy jumping, the oldest one in New Zealand. It is located above this beautiful blue kawarau river and is at a height of 43m.

Its hugely crowded with people doing all sorts of thing while jumping from filming themselves to getting a dip in the cold water. I was excited and nervous before I reached the bridge but after that It was all pure FEAR and I wanted to run away.

Kawarau bridge bungee jumping- The start

The safety measures were ofcourse great but as soon as it was my turn all I wanted to do was turn back and not do it, I could see the water below and the great height and I have a fear of heights and I decided I cant do it. I said as much to the guy who was helping me jump and in the first attempt when he asked me to jump I just bolted out much to the fancy of the crowd standing on the sides watching it.

Kawarau Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

But he didn’t give up on me and with a lot of sweet talk and effort, he finally pushed me off the edge and literally pushed me for he could see no voluntary jump coming from me. And as I fell forward all I could feel was exhilaration, after the first fall, there was a tug again and one more fall and then it was just adrenaline pumping.

Kawarau Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

I don’t know how much time, but then it was over and I could see the raft coming to pick me. As they pulled me down I was still dazed and all I could see was the river below.

Kawarau Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

But as I came back to my senses walking amidst the applause from the crowd, conquering a great fear and doing something that I deemed impossible it was a life lesson that I will forever remember, a life experience that I will always cherish and a memory that has helped me define a part of who I am.

Kawarau Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

Do try the experience, its awesome and scary but teaches one a lot about life and oneself!!




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2 thoughts on “New Zealand Travel Diary: 1: Bungee Jumping!

  1. बहुत अच्छे से लिखा है. लगता है कि हम भी वहां घूम रहे हैं. न्यूजीलैंड के बारे में और लिखो.


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