The offbeat Goa: Where the river meets the sea!

Where all have I searched for you,                                                                                                  You elusive, elusive peace                                                                                                                    I wandered far and near                                                                                                                      but you eluded me by many miles                                                                                        Troubled and tired, I begged for your presence                                                                               and there you were right inside me!


Goa is the ultimate beach destination for all age groups and I absolutely love the place. It connotes relaxation like nothing else, with the breathtaking scenery, the calming sounds of the waves and the buzzing ambience. I have now travelled and experiences this beautiful state more than 5-6 times and this post is about an offbeat travel experience within Goa away from the busy and crowded beaches, no parties; just peace!!

We chose the COLA BEACH which is in south goa and the distinctive feature of the beach is the blue lagoon which is formed by meeting of river and sea. Its away from the prying eyes as it hidden by hills from the road and the travel inside to reach the beach is a bit strenous which you can only do in a two wheeler.

The Cola Beach, Goa, India

Its a beautiful, pristine beach which was clean!! (yay), has a few hotels and shacks so very peaceful and you can also do kayaking in the lagoon. The swim in the sea is not recommended as there are rocks at bottom and the current changes pretty quickly.

Cola Beach, South Goa, India

The nearest beach to the place is Agonda which is also very beautiful and peaceful and you can go there to rent a bike or bicycle. From Airport the distance to the beach is about 40 km.

Things that I loved…

  1. The absolute peace and tranquillity. staying in the tent and waking up and sleeping to sound of waves

    Stay option, Cola Beach, Goa
  2. The beautiful blue lagoon, where you can swim, do kayaking or just simply stare at the scenery straight out of a travel fantasy

    The Blue Lagoon. Cola Beach, Goa
  3. And you can roam around the other south goa beaches on the two wheeler, we went to Agonda, Patnem and Palolem and the ride is amazing, sarrounded by cliffs and trees.

Things that might be a bit of problem:

  1. Its a secluded place, and going in and out is a bit of trouble with a difficult ride through no roads and you cant travel after sunset, since the way is from a jungle
  2. Your night food options are limited and you have to make do with the food in the shack

I loved the experience and the place, sometimes the beautiful offbeat places are just around the corner and we fail to see the beauty with only going through things to see, try and offbeat experience in Goa with the Cola beach. Let me know your offbeat experiences in Goa!!

The pristine Cola Beach. Goa, India

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