100 word stories: Why be a green traveller!!

1.The Curse of Plastic

The waves were serene as they crashed on the white sand beach, pure and angry as the froth died slowly. The pictures were lies, this is more beautiful than dreams, she thought as she sipped water from her plastic bottle. She loved how hygienic it was, food wrapped in plastic sheet that she could throw in dustbins, all clean; it was the ideal holiday as she had dreamed.  As she moved alongside the wet sand on the beach, the waves bought with them crushed plastic bottles and dead fish; all laid at her feet; a spot on the clean beach.

2. Animals are not amusements

The picture where he was sitting next to the tiger and stoking it, was getting likes beyond his imagination. He was incredibly happy, so many compliments, people telling him that he was so brave and all. He thought amused as he remembered the people protesting outside the place saying this is ill treatment of the animal, they are always under drugs to be so docile, this is not their natural habitat. But why should I care, he said aloud angrily, I am paying money and for me this is an attraction to see, look how many people like me now.

3. Convenience kills beauty

It was publicised as one of the most beautiful lakes of the region and the pictures looked incredible, the lone trekker thought as she made her way through the trail. But why are there no people walking? She thought, this is the tourist season and this is an easy trail to walk. After two hours of hardwork as she reached the lake, her eyes shone with pain, all around it was smoke of the jeeps and hordes of people around it. Convenience does kill beauty, she thought wryly as she struggled to find a spot to rest her tired legs.


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