Coonoor: Offbeat stay in hills of Nilgris.



When the cold breeze blows my hair

I think of you..

when the rolling hills caress me

I think of you..

When the calm water of the lake reflects me

I think of you..

and feel blessed to have you there beside me..

The trip to coonoor had the poet in me rise up, for its beauty that is undefinable. I had been postponing my trip for a very long time, because of the distance but then after hearing so much about this beautiful place, I decided to give it a go and I was completely enchanted. It is one of the most beautiful places that I have had the fortune of visiting.

The road trip itself was beautiful, with the beautiful clouds accompanying us in journey all through and then the welcome from the forests of Bandipur and madhumalai and the beautiful Masinagudi, to the adventurous road of hair pin bends in ooty and then the calm roads of coonoor.

The road to Coonoor, India

We had already booked our homestay called 42 green pastures and its about 11 Kms before the main city of coonoor, nestled in between the tea gardens and we fell in love with the peace and the beauty of the place. It was going to be a relaxing weekend hand in hand with nature. The place was surrounded by hills on all sides and we slept with the beautiful sounds of the breeze and the rustling of the leaves.

42 Green Pastures, Coonoor

After the relaxation of first day after the long drive, the second day started with beautiful black team amidst the rolling tea hills. We didn’t want to do the usual tourist beat and with that google suggested the best place to go would be avalanche lake and then emerald lake. After a great breakfast we started for avalanche lake which was about 26Km away, the road to avalanche lake is beautiful and the journey itself leaves you in awe. After an hour of drive we were there with the last 2-3 Km through really bad roads and rain, after reaching there, it was a bit of confusion since there long queue for some safari to see animals but there were no boards on how to reach the lake.

Disappointed we starting walking around and came across this small stream in between the small hills, which itself was beautiful and with the light rain falling around, it was just a breathtaking sight, we then decided to just follow it a bit and see where it goes, and the best thing was there was nobody else there beside us and after about half a km walk..voila! we found our avalanche lake and all this natural beauty just for seemed like we are in a different place altogether!

Avalanche Lake, Coonoor, India


Avalanche Lake, Coonoor, India

After spending long time just taking in the peaceful breeze and the beautiful lake, we made our way back with the path surrounded with small yellow and purple flowers. It was truly one of the most memorable walks for us! I wish there are more such treks that we have in India.


After this, eating chilli bhajji in falling rain we made our way towards the emerald lake and it was also just as pretty a picture. Tired after the full day activity, we made our way back to the homestay, in between sampling the amazing black tea at chamraj tea centre and buying loads of organic tea for our home, the tea lover in me couldn’t be more happy!!


The next day we started back on our journey to Bangalore, with the beautiful clouds all the way through and one of our most cherished road trips came to an end!!

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