Five must do things in amazing Vietnam!!

One of my favorite countries that I have travelled to is Vietnam, Easy to travel, amazing friendly people and abundance of street food what more can a traveller ask for. I loved everything about the country from the lantern city of Hoi An to the vibrant streets of Hanoi, the amazing cultural landscape of Hue to the sea and desert of Mui Ne, its a country where every traveller will enjoy spending time.

Here are my five must do things in Vietnam:

  1. Try street Food: Vietnam offers something for everyone, although vegetarians don’t have too many options but still there is the amazing street food to try. I lived on Banh Mi for majority of my trip, loved the egg coffee, tried the amazing Ice cream and also fell in love with the dishes whose name I still don’t know. For the more daring and meat lovers there are more options which I didn’t have the stomach to try.
    Street Food Stall, Mui Ne, Vietnam
    Ice Cream, Mui Ne, Vietnam

    Egg Coffee, Hanoi, Vietnam
  2. Travel in the amazing trains: For two cities I travelled in the overnight train, first class which was neat and clean and was quite an easy travel, helped me save on the hotel bills and gave me a full day in the next city to explore. I also met a lot of other travelers who take the first class overnight trains between the cities, it saves money and is hassle free traveling and since I enjoy train journeys it just made my trip more enjoyable.

    Train station, Vietnam
  3. Definitely visit the lantern city Hoi An and buy lanterns as souvenirs: One of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam, its a sight to see in evenings with all sorts of lanterns lighted up, it almost felt like a fairy land. Easy to move around with a river dividing two sides of it. To read more about it

    Hoi An, Vietnam
  4. Go to Bai tu Long bay instead of the crowded Ha long bay: The still relatively unknown and hence less crowded Bai Tu long Bay, is a much more peaceful option to go and see the beauty of these amazing places. Ha long Bay is always crowded with ferries and ships whereas there are only 2-3 authorized  operators who are allowed to go on Bai Tu long Bay. We had an amazing trip with Ethnic Travels which included cycling to an island, staying with locals and cooking local food and then eating it all along with making amazing new friends from across the world!

    Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam
  5. Soak in the sea and the desert in the town of Mui Ne: People miss visiting this amazing town which is not very far from the Ho Chi Minh City, but don’t miss it. Its a town where you will see some of the most amazing sights of Vietnam from Beaches to a desert and then the amazing fairy stream which throws every possible color at you so just go into the sleepy town and enjoy the nature!
    Fairy Stream, Mui Ne, Vietnam

    Mui Ne, Vietnam



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