My definitions..

Things are moving all around me

and I am surrounded by stillness, unmoving, unrelenting

I need to move away to be part of the movement

of the race to be everything and yet nothing

why does stillness bother me so much? Why am I afraid?

of its meaning or its existence?

as years pass by and I try and find me in it

I am elated and lost, exuberant and sorrowful

But away from all the tags and failures

I have embraced it as a part of me, my silence

Me that is flawed and imperfect

that doesn’t fit into the existing moulds

as defined, I am unique, I am me

and as I progress into the years

I know I need to break free of the chains

of just my expectations and definitions

the stillness grabs me and makes me pause

to just reflect silently on the person that I am

and that the person that I have become

defined only by me!!

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Traveller, wanderer and a poet at heart..

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